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More Than Dining.

We bring a one-of-a-kind experience beyond dining. Inspired by the industrial era, our space is designed to be modern and sleek, intentionally balance with the heat from our spicy dishes. Indulge yourself on a journey of mouth-watering food, neon colors, and our spicy playlists that will transform every sense of your body.

More Than Authentic.

We challenge Szechuan cuisine to consistently evolve and reflect the city, people, and culture that inspire us. Grounded by traditional recipes, our menu features both unaltered classic dishes that bring a taste of home to you, as well as plates reimagined to sparkle the best of New York in Szechuan food.


More Than Spiciness.

Our menu is curated by our head chef and an experienced team with 50+ years in Chinese cuisine. The ingredients are freshly sourced from local markets, and key spices are carefully selected to match the original flavors from Szechuan. Our flavor profile was inspired to sparkle surprise and indulgence in every single bite.

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